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019. Adoptions

I just realized it's been almost a year since I last updated this place :x I'll have to post another update later with new additions and the like. In any case, an adoption post I've been putting off for way too long! I've been meaning to cut down on my owned fanlistings for a while now, plus I'm busier this year than I thought I'd be, so hopefully I can find some better homes for these!

Baccano!: Ennis
Black Cat: Shaolee (previous owner doesn't want it back)
Megami Kouhosei: Cocteau, Erts Virny
Pitaten: Shia
Shaman King: Kyouyama Anna
Special A: Hanazono Hikari
xxxHOLiC: Watanuki Kimihiro

Chrno Crusade: Chrno & Rosette
D.N. Angel: Daisuke & Riku (previous owner doesn't want it back)
Full Moon wo Sagashite: Takuto, Mitsuki & Meroko


Cardcaptor Sakura: Music of
Lovely Complex: Kiss ~Kaerimichi no Love Song~ (Crosslisted at TFL.)

An asterisk (*) denotes a previous owner, who will be contacted asap. KIM members will also be notified shortly.

Do note that even though I've put these fanlistings up for adoption, I might end up keeping some due to attachment, so please don't feel offended if that happens! If you're chosen to adopt a fanlisting, you get the standard four weeks to finish the fanlisting. You can take the (donated) codes with the proper credit, but please create your own layout. Also, if you ever plan on closing/adopting out said fanlisting, please contact me first, since I might want it back.

If you're interested, please send an email to lotus(at) with the subject line Adoption: (subject). Please send separate emails if you're applying for multiple subjects and include the following information in each email:
  • Name
  • Email you use for TAFL
  • Website example
  • Reason for applying

Deadline for applying is October 9th, 2011.

If you're wondering if I've received your application(s), leave a comment with the email you applied with and I'll get back to you.
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Just posting here to notify everyone of two new fanlistings that I've completed in the past few months!

Feelings of the Heart

The fanlisting for D.N. Angel! I couldn't believe I was approved for this at first, since I got rejected last time and I was sure a lot of awesome people had applied. I had a tough time coming up with a layout for it, since I originally wanted to blend some images together but couldn't find any nice ones/didn't have any inspiration for something nice. I also really want to change the name, but I can't think of anything nice.

From the heart

The fanlisting for Tegami Bachi, adopted from Clover! This was another subject I previously got rejected for (through adoption though) but I'm really happy with it, even though it doesn't seem to be that well known. Despite the layout looking fairly simple (it was originally meant as a temporary layout), I ended up putting quite some effort in it, so I hope it looks alright! Posting this totally reminds me I should finish the original layout I had for it though :x
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A short update for new layouts.

Connected received a new, one-page layout. I hardly ever updated things like the wishlist and the KIM list was private anyway, so it felt unnecessary. I did want to keep my joined page, but not on the same layout, so I made separate page & layout for that.

You can still request to be kept in mind for fanlistings, although the same guidelines apply: no guarantee of getting the fanlisting, or even the chance to apply in the first place, depending on the situation. Shoot me an email with the fanlisting subjects if interested.

Sunflower & Happyrice was updated with a new, gorgeous layout from Kibou. I've been meaning to change its layout for a while now, so when Kibou was taking layout requests, it was a fantastic opportunity to showcase one of her gorgeous designs at the same time. Thanks so much again! ♥
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Hi guys, long time no see! Life has been keeping me busy, but here's some very overdue update on some site stuff:
  • First of all, happy birthday to, which celebrated its first birthday in early April! Unfortunately, not much is different from a year ago, but I'm hoping to at least put up a new layout there some time soon, with the keyword being to try.
  • Radiance had a new layout put up for the tribute and some content sections for amassment's OTP marathon. It's still a long way from being finished, but I figured I might as well pimp it while I'm at it. I haven't touched it since the marathon's deadline (half March), but hopefully what's online so far is somewhat interesting to read. Feedback or any suggestions are definitely appreciated for this one!
  • Suiren was given a fresh new look, in addition to being moved to my own domain. Divinity and Platinum are both still gone, so I went ahead and joined Cheer!, which is a lot of fun so far. If either of the former are coming back, I was able to get a backup of the files, so I'd be able to continue playing.
  • Meet the newest addition to the fanlisting family:

    Mirrorglass, the fanlisting for Merupuri, with many thanks to the most awesome arashi for entrusting it to me! ♥

For such a long time, it definitely doesn't feel like I've been very productive. Anyway, current top priorities are getting other new layouts up (sorry it's been taking forever, star_tamer!) and creating a new layout for the domain + updating its content there. Hopefully that won't take another five months, but who knows.
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015. Adoption post

Due to various reasons, I've decided to let the following fanlistings go:

If I don't get any applications or I can't make a choice between applicants, I'll close the listing, but I'll keep the members list for future owners. If you're chosen to adopt a fanlisting, you get the standard four weeks to finish the fanlisting, although more time is negotiable, provided you let me know. You can take the codes with the proper credit, but please create your own layout. Also, if you ever plan to put the fanlisting up for adoption, please contact me, since I might want it back.

If you're interested in any of them, please send an email to lotus(at) with the subject line Adoption: (subject) and include the following information:
  • Name
  • Email that you use for TAFL
  • Website example
  • Reason for applying

Deadline for applying is December 11th, 2009.
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014. More plugs

2009 has been such an eventful year for me with regards to fanlistings -- another two new fanlistings have been added to the collective and there's still two more months to go! :3

The first one is Basil from Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, which I adopted from Miriallia ♥ I actually finished this a few weeks back, but never plugged it here. The layout is one I made back in March, when I wanted to make him a shrine, but I never got around to writing the content..

The second one is for Kazehaya Shouta & Kuronuma Sawako, from the manga (and now anime!) Kimi ni Todoke. I got fond of this pairing really fast, so I'm hoping to add more content soon to expand it into a shrine. I was going to add a short summary for the plot, but I decided not to, since the information that's up now basically already explains it :x
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Just a small update, nothing big. I replaced the button I made for Momiji with a few new ones, since the one from before was a real rush job and I really disliked it. I also added some quick links at the top, because there's quite a bit of text. Hopefully this'll help those who are only interested in certain parts.

I've also added Momiji to the main collective and cleaned up the network page a bit while I was at it. I removed the icon community, since I hardly ever make icons these days, and moved the layout archive back to upcoming, since I have no idea when I'll get that back up, seeing as I want to reorganize it, but have no idea how yet.
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I bet people never saw this coming (or maybe they did, but not for a long, long time)! I've tried to make shrines before, but I never got really far, and thus never really promoted anything. But when the one-page shrine marathon on amassment was announced, I figured this would be a great moment to start putting some real content on the domain! So, I present:

Cheerful Sensibility: a one page tribute for Sohma Momiji

It turned out way more wordy than I had thought, but overall I'm pretty pleased with the outcome. More and prettier buttons will be added shortly, once I have Photoshop access again.

If you've read (parts of) it, I'd love to hear your thoughts about it. ♥
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011. More fanlistings to join the collective

Summer holidays are almost over, and once again, I kind of failed to be productive. I did manage to get two new fanlistings online though. The first is for one of my favorite musicians, JJ Lin. It's my first fanlisting that has absolutely nothing to do with anime/manga, LOL. It was a great surprise to see the approval in my inbox, and I hope the result is satisfying. :3 The images are a bit old, seeing they're from his fourth album, which was released in 2006, but I really like the one on the left in particular~ I actually wanted to put up a sort of music rotation, but I haven't had the chance to look around for scripts and such. Does anyone have any recommendations?

The other one is for Daisuke & Riku from D.N. Angel, which was adopted from Chrizta ♥ Working on this made me realize there aren't that many images of them together, other than screenshots (probably). In the end, I just went with one of my favorite moments of them. I was too lazy to color the whole image, but I kind of like how the focus is on the couple and not the surroundings. It's been a while since I've used textures for a layout too.

Since classes are starting soon, I'm not sure what I'll be focusing on next, aside from the one page shrine for amassment. I need to start working on getting that layout archive back up though :x
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010. It's been a while

Hi guys, I'm still alive~ It's been a while since I last posted here, exactly two months, haha. (But hey, who's counting..?) Just a quick update since it's already late, but there's a new addition to the fanlisting collective:

I'm quite content with the layout, and I hope that feeling will stay for a while! It's the first time I actually used a lot of black in a layout, but I was too lazy to do anything else with it. Cleaning the image and coloring the other one already took enough time, haha. There's also only a short introduction to who he is, but I guess it's better than nothing.

I also cleaned up the exit portal a bit at the main collective, and finally added Estefania from mixed-metaphor as an affiliate, sorry for the delay! :3